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Timber Floor Sanding Christchurch

Timber floor Sanding Christchurch. Call Darrel Pat who is a man on a mission when it comes to floors. His company, Christchurch Timber Sanding, specialises in timber floor sanding, coating, and staining, right from floor prep to the finished shine.

Passionate beyond belief about how you can maximise the natural beauty of your timber floor, Darrel is certainly the right person to call when you are ready to make some changes for the better.

A timber floor is the unsung hero of your domestic or commercial surrounds. Of course, it’s essential to have a floor but it can go virtually unnoticed, its only use to provide a stomping ground or transit path from one room to the next.

But what say that path suddenly became a gorgeous feature in its own entirety? Your trek to the next-door office or kitchen to make a cup of tea transformed into a journey of beauty?

Regardless of the look, you’re after, we recommend you talk to Darrel about what can be achieved. Once you’ve viewed the metamorphosis of dull timber boards into a rich and gloriously glossy floor, you will understand why Christchurch Timber Sanding loves their work.

The timber sanding process can be utilised for almost any style of flooring. From ancient villas to bungalows to ultra-modern office blocks or apartments, where there’s a timber floor there’s an opportunity to reveal its naturally beautiful pattern and hue.

Darrel sees this opportunity as a chance to enhance the natural features of your floor, improve its durability and longevity and remove the need for other types of floor covering, saving you further cash outlay. A natural consequence will to raise the value of your property – and happy tenants.

Christchurch Timber Sanding’s holistic approach to the sanding process from prep to finish includes the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly products for your peace of mind and the well-being of your family.

Darrel’s attitude is always professional, courteous, and informative. His advice to you about Timber Floor Sanding will be based on the experience and deep knowledge of his industry. You can truly relax and feel confident that your floor is in very capable and meticulous hands … and about to be revealed in its true colours – ones of true beauty.

  • Timber floor Sanding Christchurch

We bring your floor to life


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Timber Floor Sanding Christchurch

Floor Preparation

It’s a rule of thumb that with any floor restoration the surface must first be prepared. As a painter cleans and rubs down a chest of drawers ready for a lick of paint, so Darrel from Christchurch Timber Sanding will prepare your floor for its makeover.

Optimising the receptivity of your floor for sanding is a crucial part of the process and one which determines the finishing degree of success.

The main tasks here are lifting and removing any existing floor coverings and cleaning off remaining glue residues. Hammering down raised nails, vacuuming and cleaning are also essential.

Darrel’s happy to do the work for you. His products are effective and his experience in the industry means he knows the standard required. It’s an integral part of the process and lays the foundations for a simple, stress-free sanding and coating to follow.

  • Expert floor prep
  • Bare-faced, spotless surface
  • Ready for further treatment
  • Timber Floor Sanding Christchurch.

Preparation is paramount


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Floor sanding company Christchurch.

Floor Sanding

Making your floors look like new.

A treated floor not only looks amazing it also reflects and improves the overall effect of your walls, fittings and fixtures. The process that activates this impressive ambience upgrade is floor sanding.

Christchurch Timber Sanding uses good quality professional equipment for sanding your floors. The coarse sandpaper which performs this task becomes progressively finer as the procedure continues, allowing professional control over the smoothness of the final look.

Our team understand the nuances of wood grain and how important it is to reach all corners of the room and to avoid gouges and obvious changes in direction.

While sanding is underway Darrel takes every care possible to protect your furnishings and surrounding areas.

The grain of the timber is slowly revealed as Darrel moves his sander evenly over your floor, vacuuming after each change in grit.

The sanding process is really the crux of how your floor will look after coating.

  • Quality control
  • Professional sanding equipment
  • Smooth results.

Leave it to the experts


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Timber floor sanding Christchurch

Polyurethane Coatings

You’ll fall in love with your floor, we promise.

Christchurch Timber Sanding have the full kit of coatings for your floor at their fingertips. Talk to Darrel about the options for coating your freshly sanded floor and he’ll offer the advice that will best suit your lifestyle and budget.

One consideration you may have is children. Bless them, they are pretty rough when small and damage just seems to happen!

We don’t want to see you fret when your little people are engaging in play. That’s why Darrel can provide a cost-effective coating solution that will protect and enhance your floor. That coating is polyurethane.

Polyurethane is incredibly durable, hard-wearing, and will stand up to the stresses of wear and tear imposed by your family and pets. It resists scratches, is low maintenance, easy to clean, and ensures longevity.

Even better, it makes your floor look stunning.

  • Moisture and scratch-resistant
  • Economical, durable and hard-wearing
  • Incredible shine.

The right finish brings out the real beauty


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Timber Floor Sanding Christchurch.

Water – Based Coatings and Oiling.

Time to go natural.

If the idea of a solvent-based floor coating doesn’t fit with your ethos, then Christchurch Timber Sanding can provide alternatives which really work. These floor coating options are environmentally friendly, effective, non-toxic and are ‘easy breathing’ during and after application.

Darrel’s expertise and the way he relates to his customers makes it easy for you to talk to him about the best coating solution for your floor. He will advise you on the different types of water-based and oil coatings available and the benefits and final look they will create.

With different finishes available, our water-based coatings and oils give you plenty of ethical options to suit your lifestyle approach.

We will perform the job within the time frames required as well as leave a clean and positively glowing floor for you to enjoy.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Enhances preserves and protects
  • Quick-drying.

For beautiful timber floors finished the eco-friendly way


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Timber floor sanding and timber staining Christchurch

Timber Staining

A touch of drama.

Staining is a way to treat your timber floors which can have dramatic (or subtle) results. Applying a stain can lighten or darken the colour, add character and truly enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Christchurch Timber Sanding can customise a timber colour you’ll love. For offices, homes or retail, a timber flooring stain creates a warmth and richness … or a bright, light airiness … the choice is yours.

Darrel can advise you on the timber species you have as your floor and how that timber can be stained to best combine its natural characteristics with your décor theme and personal tastes. The stain colour palette to choose from is extensive and Christchurch Timber Sanding understand which hue and shade will accent grain, reflect light and harmonise with the era of your property.

It’s your turn to make a statement!

  • Emphasise the wood grain
  • Darken or lighten wood
  • Give a ‘recycled’ or vintage look.

Revealing the charm of the grain


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